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The PayCentre Web and Mobile app grants you the freedom to receive and provide banking hall services by offering you the best agency banking solution in Africa.


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PayCentre's Features

Our easy to use platform grants you total control and insight into your business performance.
With the paycentre solution, you can perform the following transactions -

Account Opening
Deposit/Cash in
Withdrawal/Cash out

Loan Application
Card Issuance
Card Activation

Funds Transfer
Bills Payment
Recharge Top Up


Why You Should Use PayCentre

PayCentre Easy Sign Up

You can get signed up as a PayCentre agent in a few days. Just complete the form here and our people will be in touch

PayCentre Earn a Living

PayCentre creates employment. We care about our Agents and want them to run profitable business and earn decent wages.

PayCentre Quick Dispute Resolution

Our Agents carry out transactions with peace of mind because we strive to resolve all their issues and complaints in an amicable and timely manner.

PayCentre Competitive Pricing

We put our Agents’ profits first by offering low and favourable pricing

What We Promise Our Agents


Integrity is a value we show all the time by providing transparency and visibility on all transactions.

99% Uptime

Our solution is available at all times as we strive to provide 99% uptime.

Excellent Support

Quick and lasting solutions to issues or problems our Agents and their customers may have.

What They Say About Us

I started PayCentre with little or nothing and without a stable office, but right now over the last year I now have two shops and employees working for me.

Thumbs up to PayCentre, their rapid response to resolving disputes is second to none.

PayCentre has a wonderful solution, impeccable features, and generally an enabling and efficient service delivery. I love PayCentre services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayCentre?

PayCentre is an innovative agent banking solution targeted at driving financial inclusion in under banked and financially under-served locations in Nigeria.

How do I qualify for a loan?

You have to be a PC agent for at least 12months, and be active with 600 transactions a month for at least the previous 3 months.

What services does it offer?

All regular bank services such as withdrawal, funds transfer, deposit, etc.

How do I payback my loan?

You pay back your loan through a daily deduction from your purse.

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